A good, just world for every child.

Parinaam is a non-profit foundation engaging with urban, low-income communities in India since 2006. Our vision is to eliminate generational poverty through education, social inclusion and financial literacy. Our interactions have taught us that right environment — infrastructure, sanitation, healthcare, recreation — is as important as education for children. These are the rights of every child in a just world.

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The GROW Fund is a first-of-its-kind initiative by EdelGive Foundation aiming towards building a resilient civil society and strengthening 100 grassroots organisations from across India over a period of 24 months. We are glad to be one of them!

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Stories from the Academic Adoption Program

Beneficiaries Speak

Anusha A

Anusha A, 2nd PUC
AAP member since 2012

“I am happy to be part of Parinaam Foundation. They help me with my studies and also help me plan for a career in the future. They found me the right college which supports my future plans. They provided me a smartphone during lockdown to help me with my online classes. They also enrolled and got health cards for myself and my family, to keep us safe. I am proud to be part of the Parinaam Foundation, and am thankful.”


Kanimozhi, 10th Std
AAP member since 2012

“Hi, I am Kanimozhi and I study in the 10th grade at Indus International School. I am very lucky to be part of Parinaam Foundation. They are very supportive about my studies from the beginning. During lockdown when the schools were shut, they helped me attend online class by providing smartphones. I personally thank my sponsor for all the support.”


Thirumalai, 10th Std
AAP member since 2016

“Parinaam Foundation helped me to find admission in a very good school and they also paid half the fees. They arranged a van to get me to school. Every year they support me with books and schoolbags. During the lockdown they provided mobile phones for online classes. They regularly discuss with me about my future studies and career plans. I thank Parinaam Foundation for everything.”


Girija, 28 - Housekeeper
Mahalakshmi Layout. Bangalore

“I was unemployed when Parinaam came to our community and started educating us and making us aware of job changes for a secured job steady income. I decided to make use of the same. When I conveyed my wish to the lady from Parinaam, she checked through her network for housekeeping jobs. Parinaam’s staff trained those from our community who were interested in housekeeping jobs on basic work ethics and professional etiquettes the job would need. With the help of Parinaam’s network, I got housekeeping jobs in 3 houses, which ensured a total monthly income of Rs. 12000. I feel very happy to be an earning member of the family and I thank Parinaam for this.”


Geetha, 34 - Self-employed,
Mahalakshmi Layout. Bangalore

“When Parinaam came to our community with their livelihood education programme, I was unemployed. After the sessions, I decided to start my own business and informed Parinaam at the next meeting. Parinaam trained me on self-employment modules and I started a mobile vegetable business in and around my locality. Parinaam supported me to buy a pushcart. Today I make a profit of Rs. 600 - 700 every day and I am thankful to Parinaam for both the initiative and the support.”


Haseena, 34 - Housekeeper,
Navodaya Layout Bangalore

“I had not considered employment when people from the Parinaam Foundation come to our community with an awareness program on employment opportunities and how to earn and manage a monthly income. This is what got me interested and then I attended their training program for housekeeping staff, on how to carry oneself in a housekeeping job. Through Parinaam’s network, I got a housekeeping job at the Landmark Group at Marathahalli, with a monthly income of Rs. 12000 and perks. I am really satisfied with my job and income”.


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