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Annual Report 2012-13

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Parinaam Foundation was named the Asia-Pacific winner for the 2013 Financial Times and Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action programme ... Read more.

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"Hey Powerful One, who in a matter of minutes, moments, even microcosms of time, brings about change."
From the "Devi Mahatmyam"


Parinaam was conceived in 2006, to care for the needs of urban and semi-urban economically underprivileged women. Recognizing that financial support alone cannot help the poor and that poverty manifests itself in various forms, Parinaam has teamed up with Ujjivan, one of the most respected microfinance institutions in the world, to provide services in the areas of healthcare, education, livelihood and community development to urban poor families. We operate in 20 states throughout India. Read more..

From the Executive Director's Desk

Each new year starts with reflections on the past year that trigger all the emotions of the spectrum: sorrow for the programs that did not quite work out the way we envisaged; despair when the longed-for donations and grants didn't come through as we expected; blest that those who offered support and funds kept their promises and helped us pull through on turning our powerful initiatives into reality; pride that choked us when we looked at our Parinaam Teams with appreciation for how hard they work to change the lives of our beneficiaries; relief that one more year had passed and we were able to stand firm and not compromise our integrity; and finally hope that this year can only get better and that we will prevail. Read more..

From the Chairman

When I addressed you last, Parinaam was a fledgling organisation, struggling to find a purpose for its existence and wondering where it would find the means to give substance to its dreams. Today I feel very proud to be able to report that that the flower-bud has blossomed and the end result not only sweetens the environment with its fragrance but its beauty is there for its beneficiaries and supporters to admire. Read more..

Elaine Ghosh speaks about change and her inspiration for Parinaam's Urban Ultra Poor Program.