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Parinaam Foundation was named the Asia-Pacific winner for the 2013 Financial Times and Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action programme ... Read more.

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"Hey Powerful One, who in a matter of minutes, moments, even microcosms of time, brings about change."
From the "Devi Mahatmyam"


Parinaam was conceived in 2006, to care for the needs of urban and semi-urban economically underprivileged women. Recognizing that financial support alone cannot help the poor and that poverty manifests itself in various forms, Parinaam has teamed up with Ujjivan, one of the most respected microfinance institutions in the world, to provide services in the areas of healthcare, education, livelihood and community development to urban poor families. We operate in 20 states throughout India. Read more..

From the Executive Director's Desk

Parinaam was conceived in the belief that every person - man, woman and child - deserves equality alongside basic, fundamental rights. Every Indian woman should be able to walk into a bank and be provided quality service; she should be able to take her children to a specialized hospital instead of a government facility that might not have the practitioner or facilities her loved ones need; schools should provide her children with quality education and teach them how they can move ahead in life and possibly, rewrite destiny for their families. Every Indian deserves a home, with water, power and sanitation. But alongside, every Indian deserves an identity Read more..

From the Chairman

Parinaam's year began on a tragic note. We lost the heart and soul of our organisation. Elaine Ghosh not only founded Parinaam but she breathed into it her love for the under- privileged and her commitment to improving their lives. Her aim was to bring some light into the lives of the poor, urban women in Bangalore and around the country and their families; to give them a sense of dignity through education and health care; teach them the joy of undertaking the responsibility of properly utilising the loans they took and to give their children an opportunity to live a better life by giving them the opportunity of both primary and higher education. Read more..

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