Our Impact

Parinaam offers strategic support to Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. by providing their customers with micro credit "plus" services in the areas of healthcare, education, practical vocational training and job enhancement, basic community services and capacity building initiatives.

Ujjivan is an NBFC providing micro-financial services to economically active poor women in urban and semi-urban India. Ujjivan has branches across 13 states in India covering over half a million customers and has disbursed over Rs. 5,861 million (as of Dec, 2009) in loans with a 98.83%+ repayment rate. For latest updates, please visit the Ujjivan website.

The founders of Ujjivan and Parinaam realized that unless a complete package of supporting initiatives was provided to disadvantaged women and their families, the hope that they could manage their poverty and, some day, rise above it, was an unlikely dream. The partnership gives Parinaam a far broader outreach than would normally be possible and allows us to effectively roll out and monitor our programs.