Higher Education
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Higher Education Scholarship Program:

Despite lacking the means to consistently eat full meals, consume clean drinking water or use a toilet, India's poor prioritize their children's education. They often take high interest loans from the moneylender to send their children to private school as they view the government schools as insufficient. They perceive education as both the means and the ends to building a better life. Education does empower individuals to improve his/her own situation by putting them in a position to earn and provide for their family. Children are the future of any country, and for a country like India, this is especially true. Developing the education, awareness and talents of underprivileged children is the key to the progress of the entire nation.

Recognizing this need, Ujjivan Financial Services Private Limited, launched an education loan, which covered customers' childrens' education until the 12th standard. Parinaam Foundation, Ujjivan's sister NGO, went beyond that, and began refunding the customers' the interest paid on these loans through donor funding. Despite this excellent program, neither Ujjivan nor Parinaam had made a provision for customers to pursue higher education. After completing the 12th standard, students were forced, once again, to take high interest loans from the moneylender or burden their family financially to pursue higher education. Even worse, in many cases, these students dropped out. Parinaam Foundation, went a step further, and provided scholarships for deserving students to pursue higher education whether it is undergraduate studies, graduate degrees or vocational training.

Scholarships 2010: