WHO Constitution: "the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being..."

Too often health shocks decimate the lives and income of the poor. This becomes the biggest spend that they have to face with little or no recourse to support from deliverable health schemes. Prevention and primary care are therefore critical to avoiding health-related financial shocks among the poor. The healthcare interventions described below target Ujjivan's customers and their families in the majority of the cases.

Quality basic healthcare is an essential determinant in the well being of an individual and in enabling her to be productive. We strongly believe that the right to good health is a fundamental human right and we are focused on providing access to affordable and quality healthcare for our members. We intend that every Ujjivan customer/family member will eventually be able to access a Healthcare Management Program that will provide an end to end solution from preventive care through health education modules and health camps, linkages to primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare providers.

Parinaam conducts multiple interventions ranging from health education and vaccination camps to support for secondary and tertiary care. These interventions are carried out in collaboration with our network of healthcare partners: hospitals, primary clinics, laboratories and pharmacies. Medical financial aid is provided through donations and subsidies. Read more about our different interventions here:

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