Financial Literacy and Social Services Support
Financial literacy training:

The Urban Financial Literacy Program is taught by Parinaam's trainers at group meetings. Trainings include recording income and expenditure patterns using pictograms and visual devices, forecasting the savings/spending habits for the following week to develop budgeting skills, devise savings and investment plans for asset acquisition and loan repayment.

Savings application:

The women of the UUPP are required to save a self-determined percentage of earnings.

Establishing linkages to available services:

Often our participants do not know or have the resources to enroll in governmental support schemes (such as ration cards, voter ID, UID, widow pension funds and other programs). We help the women to enroll in these schemes, which will provide continued economic and social support after graduation from the UUPP.

Confidence building, capacity development and counseling:

Lack of confidence is possibly the biggest challenge of the UUPP. Field staff's daily contact and weekly center meetings develops our participants' trust as well as provides counsel and advise on enterprise development, financial decisions and family support.