Despite significant recent improvements, India is still home to over 400 million low-income people, almost one third of the world's total poverty-stricken population. Many are caught in vicious cycles of generational poverty from which they are unable to escape. For the children of these men and women, education is the only option for a sustainable rise up the life cycle.

India has made efforts to improve education at the source, such as building new schools, implementing new curriculums and the latest Right to Education Act (RTE). However for the poor, school can be a taxing experience as it drains much needed time away from possible income generation and additional costs, such as uniforms and books, make a huge dent in limited wages. Today, of the children in the primary and secondary school age level, 19% are no longer in school. These children suffer from a loss of life-changing opportunity.

Tackling generational poverty is a key value of Parinaam and the most effective tool is education. Parinaam intervenes through the following programs, targeting Ujjivan's customers: