"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

At Parinaam, we believe that education is the only solution through which are beneficiaries can sustainably escape from the vicious cycles of generational poverty. We provide our beneficiaries educational support through two programmes, namely the Academic Adoption Programme and the Higher Education Scholarship Programme. These programmes have been created and structured keeping in mind the specific needs of our target audience.

Changing Anusha's future

Parinaam's Academic Adoption Programme (AAP) is designed to transform the lives of desperately poor children by providing them access to high quality education in the English medium through academic scholarships. The target segment are children from poor, disadvantaged backgrounds who might, at best, have completed a few years of education in the local medium before dropping out of the education system completely.

It is a program wherein generous patrons adopt a child to sponsor his/her studies. Through this programme, we strive to provide long term financial support to our beneficiaries by encouraging our donors to support them till they complete their schooling. We intend to take a holistic approach with regard to the development of these children by also providing them with healthcare and counseling support. Children in the programme and their families will have automatic access to the multi-dimensional interventions that is Parinaam's USP, e.g. Financial Literacy, Vocational Training & Livelihood Development Programmes, etc. This will be carried out in parallel to the AAP.

The Higher Education Scholarship Programme (HESP) was started to provide the deserving poor, access to quality higher education and to allow the economically backward to manage their debt and save regularly for the education of their children. Scholarships are provided to students pursuing both undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees. This program benefits the scholarship recipients, by broadening the academic horizons by making them able to continue their education and thus increasing their professional prospects. The families are also benefitted as they are able to lower their financial burden and receive the guidance necessary to manage and expand their saving.