Childcare and Education Support

Childcare and education has become our biggest asset with our beneficiaries in the Urban Ultra Poor Program. We are able to use it as leverage when it comes to enforcing our women to be disciplined about working and attending our meetings, proving that, for a mother, nothing is more important than the success of her child.

If needed, child care support groups (tuition centers) are formed in the slums to enable adult members to go out and earn a living and the older girls to go to school. This is delivered through teachers hired by Parinaam as well as the older women in the community, for whom this provides an income generating asset.

  1. Children are enrolled in balwadis, anganwadis, schools and Parinaam tuition programs for additional academic help.
  2. Financial literacy classes are conducted for older children to combat generational poverty. They are encouraged to help their mothers keep financial diaries, which gives them an early exposure to the subject.
  3. They are included in the Healthcare Education program.
Academic Adoption Program

While running the tuition centers for our Urban Ultra Poor Program, we found that there were extremely bright children who were determined to do something good with their lives but had no means of a decent education to enable them to move ahead. We realized that unless we managed to somehow provide desperately poor children access to education, nothing we did for the parents could possibly lift them out of poverty during their lifetime. Read more about this program.

Case Study Meenakshi: one of the first children of the Academic Adoption Program

Meenakshi, aged 7, is cute, bright, and a fast learner. She is an avid reader who is interested not only in her school books but anything she can get her hands on. Meenakshi was one of the first children we enrolled into our Academic Adoption Program and her academic performance has exceeded expectations in all areas. She scored 93.2% in her final exams and is one of the top students in a highly competitive academic school. Apart from academics, she is involved in many extra-curricular activities such as dancing, drawing, acting etc.

Meenakshi's mother Pushpa cleans dishes in a canteen at an IT firm. She supports her own three children in addition to two nieces, children of her deceased sister who committed suicide. Pushpa's drive comes from wanting her five children to get a better life through education.

Shalini, Pushpa's niece, has also been enrolled in Parinaam's Academic Adoption Program this year and is waiting for someone to believe in her and support her education so that she too can fulfill her dreams of looking after her family.