If you are interested in getting involved with Parinaam, here are some available projects. If any of these capture your imagination, please send us your resume, a cover letter explaining your interest, skills and the project you want to work on to the following email:

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Program Manager (PM): Urban Ultra Poor Program

Designation: Program Manager (PM): Urban Ultra Poor Program

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Brief overview: The primary activity of the Program Manager will be to manage the Urban Ultra Poor Program and team which consists of the Program Associate (PA), Field Coordinator (FC), and Community Workers (CWs) to ensure that on field/non field activities, as well as back office processes are running smoothly. He/she will also be the primary manager for the program and will oversee and expand initiatives of the interventions. To read more about the program please click here

Required Skills:
  • Experience within the NGO sector on social programs such as healthcare, education, and childcare.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and non verbal such as proficiency in Microsoft Office programs).
  • Multi-lingual: Proficient in Kannada and English and functional Hindi.
  • Capacity to lead and motivate a team both on the field and in office.
  • Ability to handle different partners and stakeholders.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  1. Field Operations
    1. Identification of UUPP areas and member selection:
      • Identify communities that qualify under the UUPP targeting criteria and conduct surveys to assess their potential.
      • Supervise the FCs and CWs to administer the household surveys.
      • Supervise PA to analyze data collection from the surveys and develop an urban ultra poor profile as pertinent to that geographical region (e.g. Bangalore – Urban) and ensure that the team properly inputs data into the MIS database.
      • Conduct the first “Awareness meeting” and “Program Orientation” for potential beneficiaries with the assistance of the FC/CW.
    2. Centre Meetings:
      • Frequently attend the center meetings to oversee the FC and CWs and address any concerns of the new members.
      • Visit all the communities frequently, to monitor that all field operations are following procedures.
    3. Sustenance / Livelihood Support:
      • Oversee initiation of livelihood program: mapping businesses with UUPP team and providing pre-livelihood counseling.
      • Monitor livelihood interventions: follow up regularly with members and their job placements and oversee final livelihood assessments for individual businesses.
    4. Healthcare:
      • Monitor the administration of health education to all members. Ensure that the UUPP team properly executes the modules.
      • Organize multi-specialty Health Camps for our beneficiaries and be responsible for on the ground implementation and follow through of such activities.
      • Provide assistance to CWs when health problems with our beneficiaries arise by networking and coordinating with health care providers and organizing logistics for treatment.
    5. Financial Services & Social Support:
      • Supervise the FC and SCW to ensure that Financial Services interventions (i.e: financial diary, habit of savings, and opening of bank accounts) are implemented correctly. Oversee savings activity for all beneficiaries and keep a tight control on internal cash transactions.
      • Coordinate with the FC to help families to apply and obtain necessary IDs (Ration Cards, birth certificates for children, Election IDs).
      • Graduation – supervise and ensure the correct beneficiaries graduate to become Ujjivan Customers.
    6. Childcare & Education Support:
      • Initiate enrollment of children in schools and creating awareness on the importance of education.
      • Organize the implementation of tuition centers in every UUPP area (i.e: locating proper venue and suitable teachers each area and managing expenses) and closely monitor the progress.
      • Organize Summer Camps for the children and arrange the smooth implementation of programs in each area.
      • Identify and enroll children for Academic Adoption Program and coordinate with the PA for their sponsorship.

  2. Reporting and Management:
    • Discuss field related issues with COO and act as a liaison between COO and UUPP team (i.e: monthly review meetings, program reports, and data analysis).
    • Monitor expenditures against budgetary targets and manage the budgets cost effectively.
    • Create a monthly plan for UUPP in conjunction with PA and COO. Ensure its execution in the field.
    • Provide the PA/FC/CW with a detailed implementation plan for each weekly meeting.
    • Coordinate with sponsors and collaborate with PA to ensure all official program reports are completed.
    • Ensure UUPP staff are sending schedules and following them.
    • Team Development: build, train, and facilitate a strong UUPP Team. Interview potential hires and train staff on their responsibilities.
    • Hold individual meetings with CWs, SCW, and FC in field to check the progress of their monthly schedules and UUPP interventions for their areas.
    • Create a program plan and achieve agreed targets within a timeframe. Audit and monitor the effectiveness of interventions provided for UUPP communities.

Regional Manager - Diksha Financial Literacy Program

Diksha Financial Literacy Program developed by Parinaam Foundation for MFI customers:

Diksha is a five-module, in-depth classroom training on prudent debt management and saving options. As part of the program, we teach the beneficiary simple numerical skills; how to maintain a financial record of their income and expenditure; understand the importance of savings; most crucially, understand how to borrow within the family capacity to repay and to be in control of their financial condition. We also integrated a savings initiative, where we help the women open savings accounts and maintain discipline in continuing saving for their future and thus build a better life for Ujjivan Customers and their family members.

Designation: Regional Manager - Diksha FLP

Brief overview: The FLP Regional Manager will be directly reporting to National Project Manager and oversee the Diksha program across the South Region and Coordinate with Diksha & Ujjivan Branch Teams to ensure that on field as well as back office processes are running smoothly.

Qualification: Any Graduate / Post Graduate (MBA / MSW)

Experience: Minimum three years of experience in the social Training and Development Sector


  • Excellent interpersonal & communications
  • Organizing and problem solving
  • MIS Analysis and Report writing
  • Tech Savvy - Proficiency in Advanced Excel
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Staff assessment and motivation
  • Team Management and leadership
  • Language proficiency in English, Kannada & Tamil
  • Follow-up

Job Description:

  • Planning, budgeting and implementing Diksha program successfully in the designated branches at South Region.
  • Training of the Trainers & Branch Teams
  • Mentoring and Monitoring Diksha Staff and their activities
  • Coordinate with the Ujjivan Distribution Team & Banks in the Savings account opening process
  • Networking and Negotiating with the Banks to open savings account for the Diksha Customers.
  • Assessing the productivity of the Diksha Team and the Branch Team and guiding them on the right path
  • Ensure right measures are taken to achieve the set targets
  • Maintenance of accurate MIS and good reporting systems.
  • The job involves extensive field visits and outreach.

Salary: As per the industry standard

Field Coordinator for Academic Adoption Program (2014)

Brief on Program: Parinaam’s Academic Adoption Program (AAP) focuses on ensuring bright children from our ultra-poor communities, whose parents are highly invested in education, go to good private schools in our network, while we help get individuals to sponsor their education up to 2nd PUC. This program is based in Bangalore. Parinaam closely monitors the child’s academic performance and intervenes whenever necessary.

Designation: Field Coordinator for Academic Adoption Program

Reporting : Program Manager and Program Associate


  1. Graduate or MSW
  2. Good Communication skills
  3. Languages Spoken: English, Kannada, (Compulsory), Tamil, Hindi
  4. Languages Written: English, Kannada
  5. Good Excel skills, MIS and data analysis skills

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Following up on the children enrolled under AAP and closely monitoring their attendance and marks.
  • Building a good rapport/network with AAP schools and staff
  • Conducting monthly meeting with AAP parents and updating them on what is happening in the program and about their child.
  • Coordinating transport and school fees payments
  • Resolving issues in the field & motivating parents/children to continue education/going to school
  • Obtaining documents for children to put them in schools/change schools (TC, Birth Certificate)
  • Send Sponsor Packages and follow up with sponsors
  • Identify new children and enroll under AAP, creating child profiles
  • Identifying new schools as per AAP criteria
  • Sending monthly reports, MIS, analysis
  • Following up with Big Brother & Big Sister Program – planning sponsor visits
  • Extensive travelling across Bangalore