Academic Adoption Program
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While running the tuition centers for our Urban Ultra Poor Program, we found that there were extremely bright children who were determined to do something good with their lives but had no means to a decent education to enable them to move ahead. Despite their families' desperate conditions these children were neat and clean, well dressed, meticulous in attending tuitions and diligent in doing their studies.

We realized that Parinaam had the resources and capabilities to ensure that these bright children with drive and motivation could be put into good schools. Our close relationship with the parents, their total faith in Parinaam, our learning from past experience, and our loyal patronage, gave us the confidence to start this Academic Adoption Program. It is a program wherein generous patrons adopt a child to sponsor his/her studies until completion of school life.

In our first year we identified two well-managed and reputed schools and enrolled 17 children, 11 of who had sponsors. Two years later, we have 117 children enrolled in the program at nine schools throughout Bangalore. Of these children, 62 have found sponsors. We are actively looking to find sponsors for the remaining children. Each sponsor receives a personalized profile and at the end of each academic year, receives the child's photograph and a report card on the child's progress.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child or finding our more about the Academic Adoption Program, please contact us at

Changing Anusha's Future

Anusha is often mistaken for a boy because of her short hair and attire preference: pants and tee shirts. Her mother is one of our first beneficiaries under the Ultra Poor Program (UUPP). Anusha is the youngest of four girls. Her father insisted they moved out of their small hut to ensure his daughters were not distracted by the hard life of their community. Despite his clarity on "education first" for his children he was unable to send them to a private school due to lack of funds.

Anusha caught our attention during our daily evening tuitions for the children of our UUPP beneficiaries. She never missed a day and was always the first to pull out her books and start her homework. She gave us our inspiration to start our Academic Adoption Program where kind-hearted benefactors could sponsor children like her. Through the program Parinaam identifies parents who are determined to give their children a good education but cannot afford it. We then put the children into a private school where they are given an opportunity to do something great with their lives.

We also realized that when a person donates for a child's education every year there is a special kinship created and we encourage our sponsors to be more involved with the child. Raghvendra (her sponsor) not only visits her but also sends her gifts. This video will give you a small glimpse of what you might experience by becoming a part of Parinaam's Academic Adoption Program and changing a child's life forever.

Please contact us at if you are interested in helping a child, like Anusha, go to a good school and would also like to experience a beautiful connection.